Private Mortgage

At Grey Pine Capital, we have a large group of companies who are willing to provide private mortgages for clients who are unable to secure financing from banks and credit unions.

Some of our financial solutions are:

  • Mortgages for self employed individuals with little or no income declared
  • Mortgages for foreign investors
  • Micro Condo financing (less than 600 sq ft)
  • Financing for non-residents of Canada
  • Mortgages for people with weak credit Scores
  • Financing for paying your CRA taxes in arrears
  • Financing for equity take outs for starting a business
  • Short term financing solutions that can be paid back at anytime and has no penalties
  • Financing for people going through a foreclosure
  • Financing for property tax in arrears
  • Construction mortgages and commercial loans

Private mortgages have benefits and risks associated with them. Therefore, it is very important that you get a licensed professional to provide you with the correct financial solution for your situation. At GreyPine Capital, we have helped numerous clients get the correct private mortgage solution and in most cases, we have gotten our clients approved in just 24 hours! Please call us to discuss further.